Charlene Burks

Hi-Tech resurfaced my pool about 8 years ago. Harry made sure that the job was done to perfection. I have had no maintenance issues apart from scheduled maintenance tasks such as replacing the old parts and filters. Harry has been responsive, quick and fair with pricing. Hi-Tech Pools is a first-rate organization that I can vouch for. Two weeks ago during a lightening storm my filter and pool heater fried. Within 3 days a high quality replacement pump and heater were ordered and installed. The pump requires very low maintenance and basically maintains itself most of the time. I had great advice from Harry. Harry addressed all of the questions and concerns that I had when I made my purchase. He even gave me a follow-up call a couple of weeks later to see how everything was going. I received such excellent care with Hi-Tech Pools and I will be telling everyone I know about the great service and handling I received.